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Top Quality Tiles at Outlet Prices

Granite tiles have a sense of charm that’s appealing and sophisticated, depending on the colours, textures and designs you pick. Some of the options include flamed, polished, brushed, honed and antique granite tiles. They reflect light and this gives them the ability to transform a room and make it attractive once installed. Granite tiles which come in various colors and designs can be used anywhere in the house. From the living room to the hallway, kitchen and even the toilet, there is a great selection of tiles to suit your style and taste. Because of the raw material granite tile is made from, they are one of the most durable flooring available and they are designed to stand the test of time, use and even withstand harsh conditions. Granite tile is heat and damage resistant and can pretty much last forever.


Granite tiles are not limited to interior flooring as they can be used for exterior flooring and decorative purposes because it is exceptionally strong and can withstand physical stress and pressure. Exterior uses include paving, curbing and cladding.

Maintenance: Granite tiles are easy to maintain because of their durability and high level resistance to stains, spills and damages. Once the tiles are periodically sealed, they can be maintained by sweeping and using a damp mop on it at regular intervals. 


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